“I want to represent you because there are serious issues facing our state and I’m tired of ineffective leadership in Juneau. We need to stop the game of political football over PFDs, invest in a holistic approach to public safety, and increase the economic, educational, and housing opportunities accessible to all Alaskans.”

The Permanent Fund belongs to all Alaskans equally!

This means when PFD’s are cut to pay for State services – ALL Alaskans are paying for those services. Since 2016, the only revenue the State has raised to cover deficits has come from PFD reductions, which is not fair. We continually send Representatives to Juneau to fix this issue and they come back to their district with excuses and promises to do better in the future. I will go to Juneau and get the job done.


Education is an essential priority for any democracy. Quality public education is essential to good government, a strong economy, and individual opportunity. We cannot afford not to invest in quality public education.

One of the most cost-effective ways we should improve students’ educational outcomes is by investing in early-childhood education. At the same time, we face a massive shortage of daycare providers. The State can and should assist on both fronts by supporting new market entrants and education delivery models.

Affordable Housing

Anchorage and Alaska need housing help. We have been building too few units to meet demand. High housing costs hit our lowest income neighbors hard. Meanwhile, outside businesses cite the cost of housing as a reason for not expanding to Anchorage, while local businesses report housing cost as a top barrier to recruiting employees from outside.

The State should be supporting the Port of Alaska to prevent a catastrophic failure in our local supply chains, should take a real look at a minimum standard statewide building code, and engage with key opportunities like rapid rehousing programs that help avoid the trauma and associated costs of chronic homelessness.